Our Federation Is Growing

The FQPPU is undergoing a period of growth, with the addition of new members. In February 2019, our colleagues from Université Laval joined the ranks of all other associations and unions of Quebec university professors, after colleagues from Université de Montréal joined us in 2017. I can also confirm that, in early 2020, colleagues from the Royal Military College Saint-Jean will submit an application to the Federal Council to become FQPPU members. The FQPPU now has over 8,000 university professor members! Such solidarity and unity are very good news on their own, but are also timely, as they are occurring during a period in which universities are undergoing various transformations. Some such transformations have been under criticism, as they were initiated by governments and influenced by the managerial drift occurring in higher education institutions, which has been well underway since the 1990s. I am very honoured to serve our federation as its new president, and my enthusiasm is growing as fast as our membership is! Involvement and determination are needed, however, from all FQPPU members as there is no shortage of challenges for us to face collectively.

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