Accord de libre-échange

Sylvain Marois ‏@smarois_ulaval 29 minil y a 29 minutes – Les graves dangers qui guettent l’éducation dans le ‪#PTP ‪ …


ICLMG ‏@ICLMG 5 minil y a 5 minutes – ICLMG a retweeté Mubin Sheikh – Oversight is necessary but insufficient to redeem ‪#C51 – see why here: ‪ … ‪#cdnpoli ‪#KillC51

C-377 & C-525

Rachel Aiello ‏@rachaiello 4 hil y a 4 heures – Liberals plan to repeal ‘anti-union’ bills ‪#C377 and ‪#C525 once House returns ‪ … ‪#cdnpoli ‪@TheHillTimes


FNEEQ-CSN ‏@FneeqCSN 1 hil y a 1 heure – L’anxiété au ‪#cégep : un mal grandissant – La Presse+ ‪ … via ‪@lp_lapresse ‪@FneeqCSN


Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 1 minil y a 1 minute – The role of students in deciding what graduates should know ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪

Conseil national de recherche du Canada

Ottawa Business Journal – Rebuild of National Research Council systems years late, documents show – Canada’s top scientific agency will wait at least two years to replace hacked computer system, infiltrated in 2014, and some researchers will have to rely on the old one in the meantime.


University Affairs ‏@UA_magazine 11 minil y a 11 minutes – Employers’ perceptions hamper job prospects for ‪#PhD grads: ‪ … ‪#cdnpse ‪#higheredjobs

Fraude scientifique

CTV News – Disgraced researcher Ranjit Chandra stripped of Order of Canada  – Ranjit Kumar Chandra, a former researcher at Memorial University who has been accused of scientific fraud, has been stripped of his membership in the Order of Canada.

Front commun

HuffPost Québec ‏@HuffPostQuebec 20 minil y a 20 minutes – BLOGUE La négociation plus que jamais ‪#polqc – Jeff Begley ‪ 



Camille Godbout ‏@camigodbout 33 minil y a 33 minutes – Educación universitaria vuelve a ser gratis en Chile después de 35 años ‪  via ‪@elespectador


SolidairesEtudiantEs ‏@solidairesetu 1 hil y a 1 heure – Face aux désastres engendrés par les contre-réformes néo-libérales, réussir la grève du 26 janvier! ‪@sudeducparis ‪ …


UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 3 minil y a 3 minutes – Kenya: Garissa college, site of 2015 terror massacre, reopens. ‪  ‪#highered ‪#Garissa ‪#Kenya ‪#terrorattack


laviesyndicale ‏@laviesyndicale 31 minil y a 31 minutes – Tunisie – Kasserine : Grève générale à Hassi el Ferid: Les institutions publiques et privées ainsi que… ‪  ‪#grève


TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 47 minil y a 47 minutes – Refugee higher education “lacks flexibility and context”: ‪

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 44 sil y a 44 secondes – Graduate opportunities have increased over the past year, according to an annual survey: ‪

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 25 minil y a 25 minutes – University estates income becoming ‘harder and harder’ to maintain: ‪

UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 6 minil y a 6 minutes – UK: Do govt proposals aimed at raising teaching quality suffer from ‘lack of memory’? ‪  ‪#highered ‪#UK ‪#teaching

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 7 minil y a 7 minutes – The British students heading to the US for an Ivy League education. From our sister magazine ‪@tes: ‪

Times Higher Student ‏@THEUniAdvice 1 hil y a 1 heure – Underrated UK universities chosen by students: UEA & Bath get most nominations, full list: ‪ 


Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 11 minil y a 11 minutes – College campus researchers address a gap in mental-health care for students of color ‪

Washington Post ‏@washingtonpost 47 minil y a 47 minutes – The dramatic shift among college professors that’s hurting students’ education ‪


Murielle Dumas ‏@mumudumdum 47 minil y a 47 minutes – Tout l’Occident doit lire ce texte de Karim Akouche. On est en train de perdre la bataille face aux islamistes. ‪ … (…L’islamiste gagne chaque jour des batailles contre l’Occident. Il a réussi à restreindre la liberté de pensée, à séparer les femmes des hommes dans les piscines, à halaliser les menus scolaires, à fragiliser la laïcité, à ouvrir des mosquées dans les universités, à gagner des procès contre des États, à verrouiller plusieurs institutions internationales…)

Liberté d’expression

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 56 minil y a 56 minutes – University campuses no longer safe for free expression, says free speech group ‪#cdnpse ‪



CBC – SFU Consent Matters campaign opens dialogue on sexual violence – Campaign hopes to increase awareness and develop prevention strategies.


fnbfa/fappunb ‏@fnbfa 16 minil y a 16 minutes – Manitoba increases funding for post-secondary education by 4%! ‪  ‪@PETL_NB ‪@NBPoliNews ‪@NBOpposition ‪@TrevorHolderPC


Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 2 hil y a 2 heures – NB considers cutting, freezing PSE operating grants ‪#cdnpse ‪


Chronicle Herald – Opinion: Eliminating tuition fees would buoy Bluenose economy – Plan should start with immediately eliminating tuition for Nova Scotia Community College and rolling university tuition fees back by 20 percent, followed by the gradual elimination of fees for all programs.


Toronto Star – Opinion: The ethical failure of the swearing Laurentian professor – Laurentian University prof pulled from his class after asking students to agree to his use of vulgar language holds important lessons for university teachers.


Voice of Researchers ‏@Research_Voice 27 minil y a 27 minutes – “Racking up ‪#publications is fine, but if you want to have ‪#impact on the real world, there’s a lot more you can do” ‪ …

Université et industrie

Conference Board explores business, PSE partnerships – The Conference Board of Canada has released a research report exploring ways to enhance partnerships between business and PSE. The report, entitled “Partnering for Performance,” aims to help various education stakeholders better understand the value of partnerships with business and to advise them on how to pursue these partnerships in an ethical and beneficial way. “Partnerships between post-secondary education and business are crucial to Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity,” it says. “They enhance student learning, facilitate research and commercialization, and increase local and regional economic development.”  Conference Board

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