Négociations dans le secteur collégial – La FPPC-CSQ obtient une entente jugée satisfaisante

Chargés d’enseignement

Chronicle Herald – Opinion: Contract instructors carry heavy student load at our universities – Many undergraduate students are being taught on the cheap, while lucrative salaries and benefits are paid to university executives.

Éducation et marché du travail

Les ministres provinciaux et territoriaux responsables de l’éducation et du marché du travail ont fait progresser leurs priorités communes en publiant le 11 décembre un recueil visant à. . . (lire la suite sur le site web)

Étudiants étrangers

Globe and Mail – New rules make it ‘nearly impossible’ for employers to keep foreign graduates on staff  – With the new system, it’s nearly impossible for most international student grads to get permanent residency under Express Entry, unless employers can prove that no Canadians can do the job.


Universities can be the catalyst for “real change,” says Royal Roads president – “Canada continues to writhe from a lack of an integrated and co-ordinated national approach to post-secondary education,” writes Royal Roads University President Allan Cahoon for the Times Colonist. Yet he sees hope in the federal government, which must “turn its attention to helping Canadians meet those commitments and solve today’s complex issues, both internationally and domestically.” Cahoon argues that “universities can and should be part of the solution,” but that they need help in the form of “sustained support” for the granting councils and funding to address the more than $8 B in deferred maintenance. Times Colonist

Front commun

SPGQ ‏@spgq 34 minil y a 34 minutes – En ces temps de négociations entre un secteur public au bord de l’asphyxie et un gouvernement d’une mauvaise foi… ‪

APTS ‏@APTSQ 1 hil y a 1 heure – ‪#Négos: ‪@CarolleDubeAPTS garde confiance, mais tient à ce que des clauses propres à ses membres soient négociées ‪

AMEQ en ligne ‏@AMEQenligne 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Les profs de la FAE répliquent – ‪  ‪#Montréal ‪#Education



UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 2 hil y a 2 heures – South Africa: Three ways to produce more doctorates. ‪  ‪#highered ‪#studyabroad ‪#doctoraleducation ‪#SouthAfrica


EduInternational ‏@eduint 42 minil y a 42 minutes – Burundi: in state of fear, education union is targeted by government violence: The international community is… ‪


Un budget à la hauteur des besoins (pour ouvrir le lien: faire clique de droite)

cafe pedagogique ‏@cafepedagogique 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Collège : Des IPR demandent l’étalement de la réforme ‪ …


EduInternational ‏@eduint 42 minil y a 42 minutes – Iran: Detained teacher unionist on hunger strike: Education International (EI) has launched a LabourStart appeal… ‪


Libération ‏@libe 32 minil y a 32 minutes – Tunisie : six étudiants condamnés pour homosexualité ‪ 


UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 1 hil y a 1 heure – UK: What happens when ‪#students are given more power as consumers? ‪  ‪#highered ‪#UK ‪#university

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 26 minil y a 26 minutes – English universities “not very good at teaching”, says ‪@hepi_news president: ‪

The Guardian ‏@guardian 29 minil y a 29 minutes – Majority of students experience mental health issues, says NUS survey ‪

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 35 minil y a 35 minutes – Few young people who have come through the care system make it to ‪#highereducation We must confront this issue ‪

Metro ‏@MetroUK 13 minil y a 13 minutes – Students run around naked to tell the government to stop being corrupt ‪

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 22 minil y a 22 minutes – Academics Anonymous: Teaching at a university means constant pressure – for about £5 an hour ‪  ‪#phdchat

Allison Sekuler ‏@asek47 43 minil y a 43 minutes – Universities are part of the “real world” ‪ … ‪#pse ‪@OntUniv ‪@univcan ‪@NSERC_CRSNG ‪@timeshighered ‪@SSHRC_CRSH

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 1 minil y a 1 minute – Only 6% of care-leavers go on to university – what can the sector do to change this? ‪  ‪#highered

Mirror Politics ‏@MirrorPolitics 21 minil y a 21 minutes – Increasing pension age a mistake, says former Lib Dem minister behind the change ‪ …


The difficulty of restoring the “public” in public US college – “Advocates for public colleges know a degree has value beyond increased wages for their graduates,” writes Eric Kelderman for the Chronicle of Higher Education, “now they are trying to convince everyone else.” Kelderman highlights what he sees as a growing movement to expand the value of public colleges beyond the “financial payoff of earning a degree.” Yet at the same time, he notes that US policymakers have become ever more interested in work-force preparation and performance metrics. While many stakeholders seem to acknowledge that public colleges need to serve a broader public good, the author concludes, there seems to be very little consensus over how to accurately measure an institution’s success in this regard. Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 1 hil y a 1 heure – US: What to do about expensive, overeducated and underemployed graduates? ‪  ‪#highered ‪#jobs ‪#graduates ‪#overeducated

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 5 minil y a 5 minutes – Can data measure faculty productivity? ‪

The New York Times ‏@nytimes 2 minil y a 2 minutes – The Chicago Teachers Union approved a call to strike ‪ 



CBC – U of C prof says academic freedom has been undermined – Martin Mintchev says university administration interfered in research publication.


UNBC senate formally opposes chancellor appointment – The University of Northern British Columbia’s senate is formally opposing the process that was used to select former Conservative cabinet minister James Moore as chancellor. A majority of members voted to have UNBC president Daniel Weeks inform the school’s board of governors that it did not sufficiently consult with the senate regarding Moore’s appointment. The appointment of Moore has faced backlash from a number of alumni, students, and faculty members. Brian Menounos, a faculty senator and the Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change, says “a chancellor is supposed to unify a community, not divide it. The amount of controversy this has caused, and division at the university, is really unfortunate.”  Prince George Citizen | Globe and Mail


uManitoba signs MOU with Treaty Relations Commission – The University of Manitoba has signed an MOU with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM), committing to collaborate on a number of issues related to Treaty education. The initiatives include seminars on Treaty issues for students, faculty, and staff; workshops on integrating Treaty awareness into curriculum; and a Treaty Ambassador program for students. “[uManitoba] appreciates the opportunity to work closely with the TRCM as we further enrich our community with Indigenous perspectives,” said President David Barnard. “We feel confident that this MOU will inspire individuals and empower the kind of change that will help us build healthier relationships and stronger communities,” said Treaty Relations Commissioner James Wilson. Winnipeg Sun | uManitoba


CAUT ‏@CAUT_ACPPU 7 minil y a 7 minutes – Avis: L’ACPPU appuie le professeur Root Gorelick ‪#cdnpse ‪#liberteacademique ‪#polican… ‪

ON universities fear diminishing role of research in wake of ON report – Ontario’s proposed changes to its university funding formula could lead to fewer program options and diminished benefits from research, according to a response published by the province’s universities last Wednesday. Drawing on months of consultation with students, universities, and employers, Ontario’s recent “Focus on Outcomes, Centre on Students” report suggests that universities commit more resources to undergraduate teaching and less to research. Critics of the proposed changes argue that the province arrived at its conclusions by presenting sector stakeholders with a false proposition pitting undergraduate education against research. “Our mission is to find new and better ways to make the research experience available to as many undergraduates as possible. It’s not either-or, it’s both,” said University of Toronto President Meric Gertler, adding that, “if there is a premise circulating in this process that being good at research excellence comes at the expense of undergraduates, it’s a premise that I do not accept.” Globe and Mail

Postscript: uToronto responds to CUPE’s allegations – The University of Toronto “vigorously denies” allegations made by CUPE 3902 that it provided incorrect information concerning the Graduate Student Bursary Fund. Responding to a request for comment from The Varsity, uToronto Professor and Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity Angela Hildyard said that the university provided the funds to CUPE in “late August 2015,” providing them the data necessary to distribute the funds at “the end of September.” “Unfortunately, to date, CUPE has chosen to distribute none of these Graduate Student Bursary Fund monies,” said Hildyard. The university will respond to CUPE’s complaint, and “the matter will be dealt with by the Labour Board.” – The Varsity

Fédération canadienne des étudiantes et étudiants – Les étudiantes et étudiants de l’Ontario accueillent avec optimisme et prudence le rapport sur le modèle de financement universitaire

CBC – Ryerson University says it must cancel journal subscriptions, like MUN is considering – Many universities struggling with rapidly rising subscription costs.


MUN grad students, professors call for cuts to “administrative excess” – Graduate students at Memorial University of Newfoundland have called upon the school to cut salaries for MUN executives instead of reducing services at its library. MUN recently announced that it is considering the cancellation of its subscription to 2,500 academic journals in order to remain within its operational budget. While MUN has cited increasing costs and a high US dollar as motives for the considered cancellation, professors and students at the university see the potential cuts as part of “a troubling trend to put research and graduate studies on the chopping block when budgets are tight,” according to Graduate Students’ Union Representative Hassan Nejad. The group argues that the university’s budget problems are more deeply connected to administrative costs than research-related costs, as Nejad added, “if our institution needs to find savings, it should be looking to administrative excess, not something as important as access to up-to-date research. » CBC


Universities Canada ‏@univcan 28 minil y a 28 minutes – “Canadians have opportunity to invest in the future of young ppl” Fast-track students among ‪#Syrian refugees ‪ … ‪#cdnpse


L’UQAC, au premier rang des universités canadiennes pour son volume de financement en recherche en partenariat avec l’industrie (pour ouvrir le lien: faire clique de droite)


Soutien à l’entrepreneuriat universitaire – Entrepreneuriat@UQAR : un projet en faveur de la culture entrepreneuriale rimouskoise (pour ouvrir le lien: faire clique de droite)


UQTR – La marge de crédit passe de 30 à 40 millions $ (pour ouvrir le lien: faire clique de droite)

11 décembre – L’UQTR préoccupée par les postes non comblés au CA – – L’UQTR a adopté une résolution, lors de sa réunion du 7 décembre, dans laquelle elle exprime sa préoccupation au sujet des postes …

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