Aide financière aux étudiants

CASA/ACAE ‏@casadaily 13 minil y a 13 minutes – L’ACAE publie un document d’orientation demandant au gouvernement fédéral de réviser l’aide financière aux étudiants ‪


Universities Canada ‏@univcan 40 minil y a 40 minutes – .‪@usask president Peter Stoicheff discusses indigenous education on ‪@GlobalSaskatoon ‪ …


Benoît Dutrizac ‏@Dutrizac 23 minil y a 23 minutes – ‪ … Lisez ça! Ça explique le choix de Yves Bolduc à l’éducation et Lise Thériault à la sécurité publique????


UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 39 minil y a 39 minutes – Global: Islamic Development Bank and World bank launch education ‪#competitiveness initiative. ‪  ‪#highered ‪#islamic


Leo Charbonneau ‏@Margin_Notes 41 minil y a 41 minutes – « Il est important que la voix des universités québécoises soit bel et bien entendue. » – Johanne Jean ‪@UQAT ‪ …

Olivier Marcil ‏@OlivierMarcil 6 minil y a 6 minutes – ‪@LeDevoir ‪@orfali Précision importante : McGill n’a pas quitté la CREPUQ à l’époque, mais c’était plutôt Laval et UdeM. ‪#universités ‪#polqc

Mario Asselin ‏@MarioAsselin 27 minil y a 27 minutes – «Constat d’échec au Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire – BCI» Une CREPUQ 2.0 pourrait être créée ‪  ‪#EduQc ‪#PolQc

Décisions arbitrales

laviesyndicale ‏@laviesyndicale 4 minil y a 4 minutes – Laflamme c Université du Québec à Montréal, 2015 QCCRT 555 (CanLII) ‪  ‪#Relationtravail ‪#syndicat


Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 3 minil y a 3 minutes – Students shift focus from federal election to campaign promises ‪#cdnpse ‪@CFSFCEE ‪

Endettement étudiant

Globe and Mail – Canadians shouldn’t be complacent about our student debt – Student debt study of about 50 U.S. schools and one in Canada shows Canadian students are struggling with debt at least as much as Americans.

Étudiants handicapés

Chris Havergal ‏@CHavergalTHE 1 hil y a 1 heure – Students with disabilities attracted to online study because they feel less stigmatised than in classroom says study ‪ …

Fonction publique

Parlementaire ‏@ParlementaireQc 18 minil y a 18 minutes – Coiteux veut régler les négociations d’ici Noël ‪  ‪#politique | ‪ 

Front commun

Parlementaire ‏@ParlementaireQc 1 minil y a 1 minute – Interpellation ministérielle – Front commun contre les coupes libérales en éducation ‪  ‪#assnat ‪#polqc



SOS Université ‏@SOS_UNIVERSITE 34 sil y a 34 secondes – Le sort de l’université scellé ? ‪  via ‪@wordpressdotcom

SOS Université ‏@SOS_UNIVERSITE 15 minil y a 15 minutes – Les présidents d’université, les données de la science, le bien commun et le bal des faux-culs – Olivier Ertzscheid ‪ …


UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 36 minil y a 36 minutes – UK: 300 academics pledge to boycott Israeli universities. ‪  ‪#highered ‪#israel ‪#Unitedkingdom

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 31 minil y a 31 minutes – Government says student numbers have increased, but the number of part-time learners has fallen by half ‪#highered ‪ 


Chronicle ‏@chronicle 7 minil y a 7 minutes – Can a $3-million grant spur change in how academe prepares graduate-student teachers? ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 39 minil y a 39 minutes – Did Tennessee act too quickly in ditching its free-standing remedial courses? ‪ 

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 44 minil y a 44 minutes – Men over the age of 35 with humanities degrees earn 33 percent more than their female peers: ‪

Washington Post ‏@washingtonpost 34 minil y a 34 minutes – Muslims and Arab groups concerned about FBI counter-extremism program aimed at schools ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 2 minil y a 2 minutes – “I swear, the word ‘teaching’ was never uttered in my program, much less ‘pedagogy,’ much less ‘student learning.’” ‪

Inside Higher Ed ‏@insidehighered 8 minil y a 8 minutes – National survey sheds light on previously ignored adjunct faculty concerns ‪

KeepGunsOffCampus ‏@KeepGunsoffCamp 9 minil y a 9 minutes – .‪@UWStevensPoint Chancellor (former Military/law enforcement officer) opposes guns on campus. ‪ … ‪#KeepGunsoffCampus ‪#WI

Internationalisation de la recherche

ICTP-CSIC ‏@ictp_promocion 5 hil y a 5 heures – Changing the mindset in internationalisation research ‪ … via ‪@uniworldnews

Liberté de parole

National Post – Opinion: On free speech, our universities get an ‘F’ – If universities coddle young minds to protect students from discomfort, they risk stifling intellectual and social progress, and will leave students ill-prepared to deal with the reality of discomfort in their working and adult lives.

Médias sociaux

CanadianSciencePub ‏@cdnsciencepub 9 minil y a 9 minutes – Many academic scientists have embraced social media as a tool that is reshaping science communication – so now what? ‪



Radio-Canada Info ‏@RadioCanadaInfo 2 minil y a 2 minutes – L’Université de Calgary a cédé à des demandes d’Enbridge, suggèrent des documents ‪

CAUT ‏@CAUT_ACPPU 10 minil y a 10 minutes – University of Calgary/‪#Enbridge controversy, conflicts of interest ‪#cdnpse ‪#ucalgary‪


Vancouver Sun – UBC-led ‘white paper’ to outline Canada’s future with China – UBC prof Paul Evans and U of T’s Wendy Dobson will release a new “white paper” in hopes of sparking a new era of engagement between the Canada and China.


OCUFA ‏@OCUFA 18 minil y a 18 minutes – OCUFA stands with the full-time members of ‪@nufaoffice on strike at NipissingU. ‪  ‪#cdnpse ‪#canfaculty

North Bay Nugget – Nipissing faculty on strike – Nipissing University Faculty Association, representing full-time academic staff, announced Sunday they were withdrawing their labour from the university.

The Globe and Mail ‏@globeandmail 42 minil y a 42 minutes – Talks continue past deadline for Ontario elementary school teachers ‪ 

CBC Toronto ‏@CBCToronto 7 minil y a 7 minutes – BREAKING: Province says it has reached a tentative agreement with CUPE education workers. ‪#ONpoli ‪#onted


Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 9 minil y a 9 minutes – Postscript: ‪@MemorialU responds to ‪@BMJ retraction ‪#cdnpse ‪


Chronicle ‏@chronicle 23 minil y a 23 minutes – Academic job hunts from hell — how to detect a bad fit: ‪ 

Prêts étudiant

TorontoStar ‏@TorontoStar 15 minil y a 15 minutes – Students could soon pay off Canada Student Loans using travel points ‪  ‪#topstories

Primaire et secondaire

SOS Université ‏@SOS_UNIVERSITE 8 minil y a 8 minutes – Retour des chaînes de parents et d’élèves autour des écoles ‪ …

Publication de la recherche

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 28 minil y a 28 minutes – Academic writing must be clear, simple ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪


CBC – Montreal universities boost Canada’s growing space research industry – “A hub of activity and excitement and new ideas. That’s what I dream of.”

Réseau UQ

Valérie Reuillard ‏@VReuillard 4 minil y a 4 minutes – L’Université du Québec conservera son siège social, assure Blais ‪ …


laviesyndicale ‏@laviesyndicale 7 minil y a 7 minutes – Abolition de la TÉLUQ – Encore une fausse bonne idée ‪  ‪#syndicat ‪#csn

AMEQ en ligne ‏@AMEQenligne 9 minil y a 9 minutes – L’expertise de la TÉLUQ au service de la collectivité – ‪  ‪#Education

Université et industrie

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 22 minil y a 22 minutes – In accepting industry funding, universities must be transparent to sustain public faith: ‪ 

Robin Vose ‏@RobinVose 4 minil y a 4 minutes – University partnerships with private corporations need MUCH greater levels of care, transparency, and scrutiny ‪ …


Université du Québec ‏@ReseauUQ 16 minil y a 16 minutes – L’UQAR signe une entente de partenariat avec une université africaine ‪


UQO ‏@UQO 29 minil y a 29 minutes – L’UQO accueille une délégation de l’Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (UPEM) pour discuter d’échanges étudiants. ‪

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