Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 54 minil y a 54 minutes – Canadian PSE must encourage experiential learning, failure ‪#cdnpse ‪


Michael Bückert ‏@mbueckert 1 minil y a 1 minute – Liberals to repeal anti-union Bill C-377: great sign from the new gov’t! ‪ … ‪#canlab ‪#cdnpoli

Compressions en enseignement supérieur

FEC-CSQ ‏@FECCSQ 5 minil y a 5 minutes – Compressions en enseignement supérieur : l’indiférence du ministre de l’éducation ‪ …


Université du Québec ‏@ReseauUQ 58 minil y a 58 minutes – Conférence sur le modèle d’affaires des universités canadiennes ‪

Conférences académiques

University Affairs ‏@UA_magazine 3 minil y a 3 minutes – ‪#ThrowbackThursday, from the archives: Academic conferences…are they worth it? ‪ … ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪#tbt


CBC News ‏@CBCNews 24 minil y a 24 minutes – Scientists ‘cautiously optimistic’ about new government ‪ 

LabourStart CanadaFR ‏@LabourStartCanF 9 sil y a 10 secondes – Le milieu scientifique se réjouit du résultat des élections-Radio-Canada ‪ 

Dal Faculty Assoc ‏@dalfacultyassoc 2 minil y a 2 minutes – CAUT calls on ‪@JustinTrudeau to act quickly on campaign promises re ‪#cdnpse & research. ‪  ‪@CAUT_ACPPU ‪@liberal_party

Ideas Idées ‏@ideas_idees 24 minil y a 24 minutes – How science helped to swing the Canadian election ‪  ‪#cdnpse ‪#cdnpoli


TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 1 minil y a 1 minute – As academics age, they need wisdom and maturity to bridge cultural gaps and reach their students: ‪

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 8 minil y a 8 minutes – Most students feel college only partially prepared them for careers, study says ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪

Grève étudiante 2012

Philippe Orfali ‏@orfali 10 minil y a 10 minutes – Printemps érable: la Cour suprême entendra la cause de JF Morasse contre ‪@GNadeauDubois : ‪

Gabriel NadeauDubois ‏@GNadeauDubois 15 sil y a 16 secondes – Ma réaction à la décision de la Cour suprême: ‪ … ‪#polqc



TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 12 minil y a 12 minutes – Africa needs education, not exploitation: ‪  ‪#highered

Africa’s ‘teaching shops’: the rise of private universities – Are the continent’s for-profits exploiting students or have they helped to widen access?


USA TODAY ‏@USATODAY 3 minil y a 3 minutes – Student protests over tuition fees turn violent in South Africa ‪

Guardian news ‏@guardiannews 6 minil y a 6 minutes – South African students rally against tuition fees in Johannesburg ‪


Tensions rise over Scottish bill fears- Discussion of governance bill largely off agenda at SNP conference despite worries over ‘public sector status’ for universities and warnings about financial impact

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 1 minil y a 1 minute – Scotland’s education secretary says talks on controversial HE governance bill will involve unions and students: ‪


alberto baccini ‏@albertobaccini 12 oct. – Science Policy for an increasingly diverging Europe | Heitor | RT. A Journal on Research Policy and Evaluation – ‪


François Gougeon ‏@F_Gougeon 37 minil y a 37 minutes – ‪#France : Le ‪@CGET_gouv propose 10 leviers pour favoriser l’‪#innovation dans tous les ‪#territoires ‪ … ‪#RepèrESRSTI


OECD Publications ‏@OECD_Pubs 4 hil y a 4 heures – In ‪#Kazakhstan spending per ‪#student as a proportion of ‪#GDP per capita stood at 11% in 2013 ‪ 


UniversityWorldNews ‏@uniworldnews 12 minil y a 12 minutes – Morocco: Support for academic on hunger strike over travel ban. ‪  ‪#highered ‪#MaatiMonjib ‪#academicfreedom


The Associated Press ‏@AP 13 minil y a 13 minutes – MORE: Swedish police spokeswoman says a second victim has died in school knife attack: ‪


Research Europe ‏@ResearchEurope 11 minil y a 11 minutes – UK science minister plays down EU target of spending 3% of GDP on research and innovation (via ‪@ResFortnight) ‪

HuffPost UK ‏@HuffPostUK 16 minil y a 16 minutes – Tommy Robinson claims “death of free speech” after uni’s cancel speaking events ‪ 

The Guardian ‏@guardian 26 minil y a 26 minutes – Open University cuts will hurt vulnerable students the most

Paul Jump ‏@PaulJump 1 hil y a 1 heure – Should the UK switch to public PhD vivas? ‪

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 42 minil y a 42 minutes – Policy needs social science and ‪#humanities’ input, says ‪@uksciencechief Sir Mark Walport: ‪ 

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 10 minil y a 10 minutes – ‘It’s hard not to see the closures as a shrinking away from the very students the OU was set up to serve’ ‪

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 8 minil y a 8 minutes – Humanities scholars are making strides from sustainability to robotics, why are so few people aware of their work? ‪

Papers retracted after authors used unauthorised data from junior researchers – Cases underscore concerns about use of younger researchers’ work by senior colleagues without permission

Student perceptions of career readiness not matched by reality – UK students have ‘inflated’ views of their preparedness for the job market compared with undergraduates elsewhere, a major international study contends

Nesta, UK ‏@nesta_uk 21 oct. – Why is so much innovation policy dominated by science? Partly down to who’s sitting around table says ‪@stianwestlake ‪

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 21 minil y a 21 minutes – Open-plan offices at universities -chance to collaborate or just drive each crazy? ‪#highered ‪


Chronicle ‏@chronicle 4 minil y a 4 minutes – What it means when Harvard tells its faculty how to talk about graduate-student unionization: ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 32 minil y a 32 minutes – After low enrollment, the University of Florida cancels its online partnership with Pearson: ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 5 minil y a 5 minutes – Colleges’ interpretations of Obamacare has touched off graduate-student protests: ‪ 

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 6 minil y a 6 minutes – Should colleges be required to monitor anonymous social media and pursue online harassers? ‪ 

Washington Post ‏@washingtonpost 7 minil y a 7 minutes – After racist comments appear online, one university is criticizing popular social media site Yik Yak ‪

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Washington Post ‏@washingtonpost 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Religion doesn’t necessarily influence Americans’ attitudes about science, but there are two big exceptions ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 18 minil y a 18 minutes – Why colleges need to hire more trans faculty: ‪ 

Inside Higher Ed ‏@insidehighered 7 minil y a 7 minutes – Multiple protests of new U of Iowa president Bruce Harreld & Iowa Board of Regents ‪ 

Wall Street Journal ‏@WSJ 1 minil y a 1 minute – Why a group of young farmers are pushing to have their student loans forgiven. ‪  via ‪@MarketWatch

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 8 minil y a 8 minutes – The University of Phoenix is facing another investigation by a federal agency: ‪

Forbes ‏@Forbes 3 minil y a 3 minutes – Applications to U.S. medical schools hit an all-time high this year: ‪

The Globe and Mail ‏@globeandmail 15 minil y a 15 minutes – Internships, co-ops more crucial than ever ‪ 


The McGill Daily ‏@mcgilldaily 51 minil y a 51 minutes – McGill alumni Karel Maynard and Camil Bouchard to return their diplomas if McGill does not divest from fossil fuels. ‪



CAUT ‏@CAUT_ACPPU 24 minil y a 24 minutes – UMFA raise concerns about instructor workloads, impact on students. ‪#cdnpse ‪#canlab ‪


CAUT ‏@CAUT_ACPPU 21 minil y a 21 minutes – CAUT Bulletin: ‪#OpenBrockU petition calls for transparency in Brock pres search. ‪@BUFAbrock‪

TorontoStar ‏@TorontoStar 20 minil y a 20 minutes – Payment to teacher unions ‘disrespectful to taxpayers,’ Tories say ‪  ‪#topstories

UNBC-FA ‏@UNBCFA 25 minil y a 25 minutes – “CAUT condemns violent threats against feminists at UofT” –> ‪ …

UNBC-FA ‏@UNBCFA 25 minil y a 25 minutes – “From Deference to Defiance: The evolution of Ontario faculty associations” –> ‪ …

WUFA ‏@WindsorFaculty 2 minil y a 2 minutes – U of Windsor prof tears down ads for ‘custom essay writing’ services

Partage des connaissances

Marin Dacos ‏@marindacos 11 minil y a 11 minutes – Cédric Villani : “Les scientifiques doivent reprendre la main sur le partage des connaissances” ‪ …


PIPSC_IPFPC ‏@PIPSC_IPFPC 14 minil y a 14 minutes – Long-form ‪#census could be reinstated for 2016 survey, experts say. ‪ … ‪#cdnpoli ‪#scipolicy ‪#Nego2015


MEIE Québec ‏@meie_quebec 1 hil y a 1 heure – Les indicateurs d’impact de ‪#recherche traditionnels et alternatifs ‪  ‪#ReperESRSTI

Maude Marquis-B. ‏@MaudeMarquisB 14 minil y a 14 minutes – Academics have found a way to access insanely expensive research papers—for free ‪  via ‪@qz


JeVotePourLaScience ‏@JVPLS 24 minil y a 24 minutes – “La solution de la crise des réfugiés pourrait passer par les sciences et l’éducation” RT ‪@Isaburgun: ‪ …

Santé mentale

CBC – Student suicide highlights uncertain future of university’s mental health services – Students and staff worry $1 million annual government grant for mental health is set to expire soon.


JeVotePourLaScience ‏@JVPLS 50 minil y a 50 minutes – (1/3) L’élection passée, le travail pour faire valoir la science n’est pas terminé, il commence – ‪@LetsFishSmarter ‪

JeVotePourLaScience ‏@JVPLS 37 minil y a 37 minutes – (2/3) “Sound science policy needs to be crystallized in regulation and law.” ‪#cansci ‪#elexn42‪@LetsFishSmarter ‪

JeVotePourLaScience ‏@JVPLS 30 minil y a 30 minutes – (3/3) Sur la nécessité pour les scientifiques de ne pas baisser les bras, voir aussi: ‪  ‪#cansci ‪#elexn42

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 11 minil y a 11 minutes – Aspiring science academics must confront, overcome tough reality ‪#cdnpse ‪@UA_magazine ‪

MEIE Québec ‏@meie_quebec 4 hil y a 4 heures – Nouvelle coalition des principaux organismes scientifiques internationaux ‪  ‪#science ‪#ReperESRSTI

Stratégie globale

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 11 minil y a 11 minutes – Now is the time for a national PSE strategy meeting the demands of local and global economies. ‪@ConfBoardofCda ‪


SOS Université ‏@SOS_UNIVERSITE 59 minil y a 59 minutes – L’UdeM peut en faire plus, dit le coroner – La Presse+ ‪ … via ‪@lp_lapresse (santé mentale)


FNEEQ-CSN ‏@FneeqCSN 1 minil y a 1 minute – Un professeur de l’Université Laval féminise ses plans de cours ‪ … via ‪@lp_lapresse ‪@FneeqCSN

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