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Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 42 sil y a 42 secondes – Student union leaders open to significant challenges, rewards ‪#cdnpse ‪

Daphnée Dion-Viens ‏@DaphneeDV 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Union étudiante du Québec: les étudiants de l’Université Laval se prononcent ‪ … ‪#EduQc


AMEQ en ligne ‏@AMEQenligne 11 minil y a 11 minutes – La Fédération des cégeps impatiente de voir les suites du Rapport Demers – ‪  ‪#Montréal ‪#Education


Patrick White ‏@PatWhite70 14 sil y a 14 secondes – Le nombre de doctorats décernés par les universités canadiennes a augmenté de 68 % de 2002 à 2011 ‪ …

Exode des cerveaux

University Affairs ‏@UA_magazine 2 minil y a 2 minutes – How Canada reversed the ‘brain drain’ ‪  via ‪@torontostar



laviesyndicale ‏@laviesyndicale 4 minil y a 4 minutes – L’état d’urgence : danger pour le mouvement social ‪  ‪#CGT ‪#Finances ‪#CGTinfos

CPU ‏@CPUniversite 10 minil y a 10 minutes – Le développement durable au coeur de la stratégie universitaire : le regard de L. Vinour ‪ 

laviesyndicale ‏@laviesyndicale 36 sil y a 36 secondes – Les retraités FO mobilisés, tandis que l’accord sur les retraites complémentaires fait tâche d’huile au sénat… ‪  #…


TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 2 minil y a 2 minutes – OECD: England gets extra spending under £9K fees – and world’s most expensive public universities – ‪

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 18 minil y a 18 minutes – Our expert Mark Leach says the Tef could force universities to choose between teaching and research ‪  ‪#highered

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 17 minil y a 17 minutes – UAE orders new curricula with entrepreneurial focus ‪  ‪

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 5 minil y a 5 minutes – Ahead of the ‪#SpendingReview tomorrow – fears for student opportunity funding and research budget ‪

Telegraph News ‏@TelegraphNews 13 minil y a 13 minutes – Oxford University in ‘race row’ over ‘problematic’ 1920s ball ‪ 


Los Angeles Times ‏@latimes 5 minil y a 5 minutes – The younger you are, the less you support free speech? In ‪@latimesopinion: ‪ 

Inside Higher Ed ‏@insidehighered 13 minil y a 13 minutes – “This isn’t even chilling to free speech, it’s made it so that I can’t relate to my students — I can’t trust them.” ‪

Guardian Education ‏@GuardianEdu 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Dozens of ‘white student unions’ appear on social media amid racism protests ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 6 minil y a 6 minutes – How campus protests over race are evolving:

NYT Opinion ‏@nytopinion 21 nov. – Why are student protesters so fearful? Radical change is not for the weak-hearted: ‪ 

Huffington Post ‏@HuffingtonPost 1 minil y a 1 minute – Here’s how Brown University plans to improve race relations with $100 million ‪ 

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 12 sil y a 13 secondes – Making sense of media bans at US college protests ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 17 minil y a 17 minutes – “We’ve had to become flexible.” Campus activists adjust after backlash to disruptive tactics: ‪

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 53 sil y a 53 secondes – New School grad students petition NLRB for union status ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 1 minil y a 1 minute – A Virginia Tech survivor’s response to campus-carry legislation: ‪ 



OCUFA ‏@OCUFA 1 minil y a 1 minute – RT ‪@LaurieAdkin: ‪@UAlberta ‪@LoriSigurdson Alberta academics assert right to freedom of association, right to strike ‪

Edmonton Journal – Opinion: Don’t lose sight of University of Alberta’s public interest mandate – As Alberta searches for a new chair of the board of governors of UofA, the community is hopeful the choice will signal a shift in political vision for higher education.


Globe and Mail – UBC centenary celebrations marred by scandal, continued controversy  – The university is suffering from a leadership vacuum and as it stands, 2015 will be remembered for something other than UBC’s notable birthday.


OCUFA ‏@OCUFA 4 minil y a 4 minutes – Strengthening the heart of Ontario universities: making sure every academic job is a good job ‪ … ‪@CCPA ‪@CCPA_Ont

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 2 minil y a 2 minutes – WesternU investigating “Western White Student Union” Facebook page ‪#cdnpse ‪

Daily Mirror ‏@DailyMirror 9 minil y a 9 minutes – Taking yoga classes is ‘linked to cultural genocide’ university claims ‪ …

Maclean’s – How a cancelled yoga class stretches the point on cultural appropriation – University of Ottawa’s yoga classes weren’t debasing anyone’s culture. But we lose nothing by listening, rather than overreacting hastily.

AMEQ en ligne ‏@AMEQenligne 59 sil y a 60 secondes – Première université canadienne à signer l’Engagement de Montréal sur le carbone – ‪  ‪#ExtérieurduQuébec ‪#Education (U Ottawa)


Regard sur l’éducation 2015 – Les indicateurs de l’OCDE


ADRIQ-RCTi ‏@ADRIQ_RCTi 6 minil y a 6 minutes – À lire ! Lettre ouverte sur l’importance de la recherche et de l’innovation pour notre avenir économique et social : ‪

Rectitude politique

CBC – Opinion: Yale, yoga and the battle over free speech on campus – North American universities are the new battleground for racial sensitivity, political correctness.


Yves Therrien ‏@YTherrien 17 minil y a 17 minutes – L’Université Laval premier campus carboneutre au Québec ‪ … via ‪@lp_lapresse


Fondation de l’UQAM ‏@FondationUQAM 10 minil y a 10 minutes – Le retour de l’ascenseur : un retraité choisit de soutenir les étudiants de l’‪#UQAM par conviction via ‪

“Valeur” d’un diplôme

Globe and Mail – Earning a PhD in Canada likely to provide modest returns  – Conference Board study study estimates 2 percent of jobs require doctoral degree and these come with relatively low starting salaries – many in the $50,000 range.

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