OECD Education ‏@OECD_Edu 6 minil y a 6 minutes – How do differences in socio-cultural background influence higher education access & completion of studies? ‪  ‪#OECDEAG

Accord de libre-échange

LabourStart CanadaFR ‏@LabourStartCanF 2 minil y a 2 minutes – La CSN déplore la conclusion de l’entente sur le Partenariat transpacifique sans aucune consultation publique-CSN ‪

Associations étudiantes

L’ASSÉ songe à une grève générale illimitée | Philippe Teisceira-Lessard | Éducation


Government must question its treatment of older, younger generations – It is time for federal governments to report and discuss how much money they allocate to supporting the old compared to the young, writes UBC Professor Paul Kershaw for the Toronto Star. Kershaw questions the widely held belief that the previous ten years of Conservative government has decreased federal financial support for Canadians, arguing that both federal spending and tax benefits have risen significantly for those over 60 while investment in those aged 18 to 49 has decreased substantially. The contributing pressures of rising housing costs, student debt, and the difficulty of finding a well-paid job with benefits is leaving the upcoming generation much worse off than that which came before. The only solution to this issue, Kershaw concludes, is for both Canadians and their government to take a hard, sustained look at how federal policy benefits members of different generations. Toronto Star

HuffPost Québec ‏@HuffPostQuebec 40 minil y a 40 minutes – BLOGUE Les mesures d’austérité en éducation: une bombe à retardement – Hélène Makdissi ‪ 

Alexandre Cloutier ‏@alexcloutier 7 minil y a 7 minutes – Un ministre déconnecté, qui gère l’éducation comme 1 colonne de chiffres. Une chronique de ‪@kick1972 à lire: ‪  ‪#polqc


Résurgence autochtone – 7 octobre 2015 |Caroline Montpetit


SPGQ – Pour appuyer les négociations en cours – Les professionnels des collèges votent un mandat de grève

Conditions salariales hommes-femmes

Toronto Sun – Gender salary gap persists despite strong post-graduate employment, wages – StatsCan reports no substantial drop in the earnings and employment rates of young postsecondary grads between 2005-2012.

Économie du savoir

Globe and Mail – Opinion: By ignoring the knowledge economy, Canada is taking a step backward – In today’s economy, the real sources of sustained prosperity and rising living standards are knowledge, innovation and creativity.

Femmes et science

Women in STEM need more relief from marginalization, anxiety – More needs to be done to address the high rates of anxiety and depression among women working in STEM disciplines, writes University of Toronto Professor Jennifer Drake. She goes on to argue that women in STEM are more prone to the long-term effects of stress because entrenched stereotypes about STEM cause them to exist in a constant state of “fight or flight.” Even when women are complimented in this environment, Drake argues, the compliment almost always positions the woman as exceptional or even “freakish” for being employed in a field so heavily dominated by men. However, Drake concludes that the effects of stress and marginalization faced by women in STEM can be mitigated through mentorship and targeted intervention programs. Time

Fonction publique

APTS ‏@APTSQ 19 sil y a 20 secondes – Négos avec le secteur public: Québec fera des concessions ‪ … via ‪@lp_lapresse



Huet Sylvestre ‏@HuetSylvestre 7 minil y a 7 minutes – Le Snesup-FSU veut un droit de réponse à C dans l’air après l’accusation lancée contre les chercheurs de Grenoble. ‪ …

Patrick Lemaire ‏@patrlemaire 37 minil y a 37 minutes – Excellente réponse des chercheurs Grenoblois aux propos incohérents de ‪@helenepili sur ‪#cdanslair: ‪ …

François Gougeon ‏@F_Gougeon 6 minil y a 6 minutes – ‪#France : L’‪#innovation publique au cœur de la réforme de l’État ‪ …


TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 17 hil y a 17 heures – Vice-chancellor of Oxford warns politicians against “throwing away” the “jewel” of UK higher education: ‪

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 13 minil y a 13 minutes – Let’s stop the either/or debate about teaching and research ‪  ‪#highered

CampusCrew ‏@CampusCBC 18 hil y a 18 heures – Ep2 of the ‪#CampusPodcast is out! A tale of a ‪#homeless grad student in ‪#London. Hear it now! ‪ 


6 octobre – Universités américaines: quand liberté et port d’armes ne font qu’un – Julien Gauthier-Mongeon – Le Devoir – Récemment, l’État du Texas autorisait les citoyens à détenir une arme sur l’ensemble des universités présentes sur son territoire. Après l’État de l’Idaho en 2014, le « Campus Carry Bill », nommé…

Study finds significant variation in preparedness among 2-year college students – Students who attend 2-year community colleges are less likely to earn a bachelor’s degree in six years than those who go straight into 4-year colleges, according to a new report by the National Bureau of Economic Research. However, the study found that there was significant variation in the level of preparation different 2-year colleges gave their graduates. The variations found at the community college level were so great that many institutions were found to “attract students that are as high achieving as some of the less-selective four-year colleges in the state.” The authors conclude that this variation in student preparedness requires further study because “previous research has mostly treated all two-year colleges as a homogeneous outside option for bachelor’s degree-aspiring students. » Inside Higher Ed | Report Abstract

The New York Times ‏@nytimes 6 minil y a 6 minutes – Student debt is worse than you think — especially at historically black colleges ‪  via ‪@UpshotNYT

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 49 sil y a 50 secondes – LSU’s faculty voted yesterday to censure top administrators for firing a profanity-prone professor: ‪

Menace savoir et démocratie

Ricochet ‏@ricochet_fr 45 sil y a 46 secondes – Plus que jamais, le savoir et la démocratie sont menacés au Canada. Un texte de ‪@nadeau_c ‪#elxn42 ‪#cndpoli ‪ …


OCUFA ‏@OCUFA 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Don’t let politicians drive a wedge between teaching and research. ‪



Calgary Herald – Business ventures at universities and colleges putting taxpayers at risk, says Auditor General – The Alberta government has inadequate rules governing post-secondary institution business ventures and can’t even list the ones operating in the province, says the auditor general.


OCUFA ‏@OCUFA 34 minil y a 34 minutes – Faculty association asks province to investigate raises given senior uOttawa administrators. ‪  ‪#CDNpse


Inside Higher Ed ‏@insidehighered 6 minil y a 6 minutes – Richard DeMillo discusses his new book, ‘Revolution in Higher Education’ ‪ 


David Heap ‏@DavidHeap 57 minil y a 57 minutes – Las du travail ‪#précaire, le personnel ‪#académique militent pour des emplois équitables à temps plein ‪@CAUT_ACPPU ‪ …


La Presse ‏@LP_LaPresse 24 minil y a 24 minutes – DANS LA PRESSE+: «Si l’école était importante», selon Patrick Lagacé. ‪ 

Jean-F. Roberge ‏@jfrobergecaq 4 minil y a 4 minutes – Le gouvernement veut envoyer des milliers d’enseignant(e)s à la retraite en plein milieu d’une année scolaire. Et les élèves? ‪#Assnat ‪#CAQ


Université Laval ‏@universitelaval 2 minil y a 2 minutes – L’UL dépose son Plan d’action de ‪#DD 2015-2018: 270 actions concrètes – ‪  ‪@equiterre ‪@InstitutEDS ‪@VivreenVille


 6 octobre – Chambre de commerce: le débat suscite peu d’intérêt – Denis Villeneuve – Le Quotidien – La candidate Élise Gauthier a déclaré que la relance de Saguenay passe par la création de petites et moyennes entreprises, mais aussi par des investissements dans les secteurs de l’enseignement, la recherche et développement à l’UQAC


SA²RE ‏@SARE_UL 21 minil y a 21 minutes – Les négociations entre le syndicat des étudiant-e-s salarié-e-s et l’Université du Québec en Outaouais… ‪

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