CJFE ‏@canadaCJFE 1 hil y a 1 heure – We are launching a campaign to tell ‪@JustinTrudeau ‪@priveeprivacy to end Bill C51 ‪http://www.cjfe.org/myprivacy  ‪#MyPrivacy

Carrière académique

Nathan C. Hall ‏@prof_nch 1 hil y a 1 heure – An article on the advantages of academic work in ‪@GdnHigherEd ‪http://www.theguardian.com/higher-education-network/2016/jan/08/cheer-up-my-academic-colleagues-were-so-lucky-to-do-this-job?CMP=share_btn_fb …. Reminds me of a book title…

Colloques académiques

University Affairs ‏@UA_magazine 57 minil y a 57 minutes – It’s time to rethink ‪#academic conference funding: ‪http://www.universityaffairs.ca/opinion/speculative-diction/its-time-to-re-think-academic-conference-funding/ … ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered

Données ouvertes (Open Data)

Nature News&Comment ‏@NatureNews 1 jil y a 1 jour – The ‪#opendata movement has huge benefits for science – but do you feel vulnerable? ‪http://ow.ly/WLnep 

Épuisement professionnel

TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 53 minil y a 53 minutes – New message! Email overload risks “emotional exhaustion” for academics: ‪http://owl.li/WNIkc

Femmes et médias

Female academics: when it comes to the media, we have nothing to fear but fear itself ‪http://gu.com/p/4fd8c/stw  ‪#highered ‪#phdchat

« Guerre des talents »

IDP Database ‏@IDPDRIE 15 hil y a 15 heures – Mobile student to mobile worker: the role of universities in the ‘war for talent’, ‪http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01425692.2015.1095636 …


Asso. des Psy. du Qc ‏@AssoPsyQc 3 hil y a 3 heures – Boycott des internats: les psychologues et étudiants au doctorat unis et solidaires. ‪http://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/sante/201601/08/01-4937725-un-boycottage-des-internats-priverait-le-reseau-de-250-psychologues-a-lautomne.php …



CASA/ACAE ‏@casadaily 49 minil y a 49 minutes – Kudos to ‪@westernsydneyu for a powerful and touching story about education ‪http://bit.ly/1O614uQ  ‪#PSE (À voir, si vous avez 90 sec.)


Guardian news ‏@guardiannews 15 minil y a 15 minutes – Denmark ejects foreign student for doing too much part-time work ‪http://d.gu.com/DD1423


cafe pedagogique ‏@cafepedagogique 2 minil y a 2 minutes – La grève du 26 janvier ‪#college2016 ‪http://www.cafepedagogique.net/lexpresso/Pages/2016/01/08012016Article635878329946012923.aspx … (réforme des collèges)


cafe pedagogique ‏@cafepedagogique 1 minil y a 1 minute – Budget de l’éducation : où en est la France ? ‪http://www.cafepedagogique.net/lexpresso/Pages/2016/01/08012016Article635878329937900767.aspx …


TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 15 minil y a 15 minutes – Focus on ‘elite’ universities ‘risks responsiveness of UK research’: ‪http://owl.li/WNNfB

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 19 minil y a 19 minutes – THE compiles PSE predictions for 2016 ‪#cdnpse ‪#highered ‪http://ow.ly/WLMJK

Campus childcare is falling victim to cost-cutting, but what message does this send to staff and students? ‪http://gu.com/p/4fhn5/stw  ‪#highered


michel hébert ‏@hebert_mic 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Cotisations syndicales: l’obligation de payer remise en question… ‪http://nyti.ms/1O97klN

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 11 minil y a 11 minutes – At least a dozen problems are more pressing to higher education than trigger warnings, a professor writes: ‪http://chroni.cl/1Ofl6Bb

Washington Post ‏@washingtonpost 32 minil y a 32 minutes – Why Wheaton’s move to fire controversial professor makes sense ‪http://wapo.st/1ZfZGhK  via ‪@washpostfaith

Chronicle ‏@chronicle 41 minil y a 41 minutes – Why the federal government funds so little research of gun violence: ‪http://chroni.cl/1S89eqE 

Inside Higher Ed ‏@insidehighered 59 minil y a 59 minutes – Few examples exist of armed civilians preventing mass shootings on campuses ‪http://bit.ly/1SE74yf  ‪#GunsInAmerica

Liberté d’expression

CBC – Campus no longer safe place for freedom of expression says free speech advocate – Belief in “a legal right not to be offended” eroding freedom of expression says advocate.


TimesHigherEducation ‏@timeshighered 10 minil y a 10 minutes – Six universities in talks on global Mooc credit transfer system: http://owl.li/WNNps (…Six universities from Australia, Europe, Canada and the US are seeking to establish a new alliance in which each organisation’s massive open online courses (Moocs) are formally accredited by partner institutions…)



Globe and Mail – UBC faculty members apologize for inaction on sexual assault – Dozens of University of British Columbia profs have signed an open letter apologizing for not doing more to protect students from sexual assaults, amid continued scrutiny of the school’s handling of such cases.


CBC – Manitoba increases funding for post-secondary education by 4% – More than half the funds go to Manitoba universities, the remainder to colleges, new programs.


NB Student Alliance ‏@NBSA_AENB 17 minil y a 17 minutes – RELEASE: Government Changes Tune On Cuts To Post-Secondary: ‪https://goo.gl/MqCsFQ . ‪#NBpoli ‪#NBpse ‪#NB ‪#PSE


LabourStart Canada ‏@LabourStartCanE 7 minil y a 7 minutes – ON: Algonquin College should cut ties with Saudi Arabia campus: union-CBC ‪http://ht.ly/WKJ6A

Union Solidarity ✊ ‏@USILive 2 hil y a 2 heures – Unions will lead the fight for equality and justice in 2016, ‪http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/john-cartwright/labour-unions-social-justice_b_8932462.html … via ‪@HuffPostCanada ‪#canlab

Ted Hsu ‏@tedhsu 48 minil y a 48 minutes – Minister Duncan announces $4m for fundamental research at Queen’s University in the area of clean tech.


Huffington Post ‏@HuffingtonPost 1 hil y a 1 heure – 15 practical ways to find your Zen at work ‪http://huff.to/1ZagaCE 

Sara Mathieu-C ‏@SMathieuC 1 hil y a 1 heure – ‪#Pausez_vous Plusieurs places déjà envolées! Hâtez-vs pour profiter de la 1èreÉdition. Info:‪http://thesez-vous.com 

pierre haski ‏@pierrehaski 1 hil y a 1 heure -= Exceptionnel : la bibliothèque de New York met 180 000 docs inédits en ligne. Par ‪@klerichar ‪http://rue89.nouvelobs.com/2016/01/08/new-york-public-library-diffuse-180-000-documents-inedits-ligne-262760 …


Times Higher Education – Are blue skies back for Canada’s scientists? – Science suffered restrictions and reductions in funding under the previous government. Will the Trudeau administration put it back on track?

Academica Top Ten ‏@AcademicaTopTen 2 hil y a 2 heures – Scientists cautiously optimistic about research, higher ed prospects under Liberal government ‪#cdnpse ‪http://ow.ly/WLLQC

Universitaires et famille

SOS Université ‏@SOS_UNIVERSITE 2 minil y a 2 minutes – Baromètre 2015. Publier ou procréer, l’impossible équation des universitaires ‪http://www.letudiant.fr/educpros/enquetes/barometre-educpros-2015-publier-ou-procreer-le-dilemme-impossible-des-enseignants-chercheurs.html … via ‪@EducPros


Sétue UQAM ‏@SEtuE 25 minil y a 25 minutes – L’assemblée générale a voté aujourd’hui POUR la reconduction de la grève à 64%.

Violence sexuelle

Higher Education ‏@GdnHigherEd 2 hil y a 2 heures – SOAS VC Valerie Amos on how they will act to stop sexual violence on campus ‪http://gu.com/p/4fg2k/stw  ‪#highered



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