The Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d’université (FQPPU) is calling for budget cuts to be reversed and for hiring freezes to be lifted to avoid an impending disaster. These increased cutbacks are jeopardizing the viability and quality of university programs. They will inevitably lead to the cancelling of courses and services for students, as well as to a decrease in educational support. This would tarnish the reputation of Quebec universities and decrease the value of a degree.

For many years, the resources available to universities have not been sufficient for them to properly carry out the university mission. Previous governments, both Liberal and Parti Québécois, have acknowledged this. With consecutive cutbacks, the situation has only worsened, while the student population keeps growing. The additional cutbacks and the hiring freeze for professors and other staff members exacerbate issues that already have serious ramifications.

Supported by verified, updated data, the FQPPU prepared a review of the current situation and proposed solutions to preserve and improve the quality of university teaching and of the university network. It pointed to the consensuses reached at the 2013 Summit on Higher Education, particularly to the need for a thorough review of the university funding formula and to the need for a council of universities, which would allow for rational, impartial coordination of the network.

The FQPPU is calling for the implementation of informed policies and structural solutions that will ensure the value of universities and university teaching in Quebec for the short and long term.

The FQPPU is sounding the alarm and inviting all of its members and partners to denounce and reject any measures that compromise the university mission.

Established in 1991, the FQPPU represents the majority of Quebec university professors.

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