A federation dedicated to defending and promoting the interests of universities and professors

Who we are

The Federation

Since 1991,the Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d’université brings together professors’ unions and associations, and pursues a mission aimed at maintaining, defending, promoting and developing universities as public services accessible to the greatest number of people, governed collegially, offering quality training and fostering the advancement of knowledge and critical thinking, notably through respect for academic freedom.. The Federation is a politically-oriented body for consultation and democratic union action, dedicated to defending and promoting the interests of all its members and the university community.

As the voice of its affiliated members on all issues affecting higher education and research, the Federation is made up of 19 unions and associations, uniting some 8,250 professors at Quebec universities.

To find out more about the Federation’s general provisions, the operation of its finances, its Federal Council and Executive Committee, as well as its bylaws, consult the
FQPPU by-laws and regulations

Scope of action

The Federation supports its members their activitiesfacilitates relations between them and intervenes with governments, the media and various organizations on issues concerning higher education and research.  

It produces opinions surveys and reports related to the role of universities in society in society, higher education and working conditions for professors. 

It maintains relations with various partners in the fields of higher education and education and develops links of solidarity with teachers’ unions and the trade union movement, both nationally and internationally, as well as with organizations in the higher education sector pursuing similar objectives.

Internal committees

The   Standing Committee on Academic Freedom (COPLA)  is responsible for documenting, protecting and promoting academic freedom..

The Equity Committee guides the Federation’s efforts to make university environments fair and free from discrimination.



FQPPU is a member of
Education International (EI)
and is involved, among other things, in Education International – Higher Education and Research.

It has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the
Canadian Association of University Teachers

She is a member of the Canadian Public Education Network (PEN/REP) and the Canadian Consortium for Research.

In Quebec, it is a member of the Table des partenaires universitaires (TPU).

Privacy Act

The President of the FQPPU is responsible for the protection of personal information within the meaning of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

She can be reached at :

Succ H, CP 81
Montréal (Québec) H3G 2K5
[email protected]